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Wellness coaching

Wellness is the integration of the mind, body and spirit to achieve goals , it involves continually learning and making changes to enhance ones over well health and quality of life. When we balance the physical , intellectual , emotional ,social , occupational , spiritual and environmental aspects of life we achieve true wellness  

Why Use a Life Coach?

 ♥ The demands of growing population, and the collection of bad habits equals the need for wellness coaching. This coaching facilitate the choices and decisions that our clients make , it is a process that each client needs to be commited to if they want to be successful in terms of changing a certain  behavior.

 ♥ Uncovering the stumbling blocks, as well as encouraging and guiding the best within the self during any chosen program, is a powerful resource.


Our coaching style

Our Life Coaches are trained in utilizing the CTI Co-Active Model, together we dig deep, play big and don’t stop until goals are fulfilled and lessons are learned. We care, we love what we do and we walk our talk.

The Heart of the Model

At the heart of the Co-Active Model are three principles of Co-Active Coaching:

Fulfillment, Balance and Process.
We are trained to help our clients expand into a satisfying and effective life using these principles:
Fulfillment points the client to values, life purpose and the resonance and dissonance in their lives.
Balance helps access creativity and choice.
Process helps open the ability to be aware of what is happening under the surface and bring it into conscious experience. All are strongly supported by various aspects of brain research.

Your coach will hold you accountable for accomplishing what YOU say you want. Let us give you that positive kick that you have been waiting for!


We provide:

  • single sessions
  • one month package
  • 3 months package
  • one session included with the 10 sessions package Myofacial Breathing technique(click to visit page)