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Almoyassar Physical Therapy Center has up to date:

  • Gym

A gymnasium with a full line of fitness equipment including X-Trainer, AB Coaster, Bike,Treadmill, TRX trainer, and upper body ergo-meter & free weights.

  • 3 private clinics for:

Modality Treatments ( Ultrasound-Electro Therapy- Heat/Cold Therapy-Paraffin Wax-Infra Red)

Breathing Therapy Treatment

Lumbar & Cervical Mechanical Traction

Magnetic Bed for treating woman's health cases and pains

Postural correction analysis

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  • NEW
  • For our young generation...



We thought to introduce Nintendo Wii to our rehabilitation facility in conjunction with the traditional exercise treatments being used by teenagers population. The therapists at the center believe Wii is an interactive way for patients to improve musculo-skeletal strength, flexibility, balance and coordination.